We like to move it, move it!

Hot stuff, funky stuff, stuff you gotta watch and even down right weird stuff! If you’ve got stuff to move, we’ve got a man with a van who can move it. In fact, we’ve got hundreds. But it all started with just one sofa …

In the beginning, there was man. But no van

In 2016, our Gavin needed to move a sofa. And it cost him a whole load of hassle and hard work. “There’s got to be a better way”, thought Gavin. And so, he started asking around.

Then Gavin had a simple but brilliant idea!

Turns out, there are thousands of you who need to move stuff every day, all fed up with having to pay hefty removal costs and spend hours trying to get it organised.

And it also just so happens that around the corner from nearly each and every one of you, is a man with a van who can help– no hassle, no big price tag. All Gavin had to do, was connect you. So, he did. And Vanuse was born.

Now, we’re busting a move!

The idea behind Vanuse is to get things moving but keep things simple. So that you can relax and get on with doing something more interesting than moving your stuff. Sound good? Then please use us, shout about us, recommend us, or maybe even drive for us. You’ll find us in a number of the UK’s big cities, and if we’re not in your area yet, we will be soon – so look out because …

Together, we can move more!

Order Your Man With a Van
*Actual driver gender may vary!